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Remembering Your Creative Genius

Do you have a friend, family member, or co-worker that has an endless flow of creative ideas? They can instantly create magic, bringing forth a new idea or concept with very little effort.

Have you said to yourself, I can’t do that, I’m just not creative enough, or, I wish I could be more creative?

Stop for a moment and imagine this.

If you could experience any life of your choosing, where would you start? What kind of life would you dream to create?

What do you want to be, do and have the most?

What if I told you that YOUR CREATIVITY is just like a faucet. For your ideas to flow without effort, you simply have to turn this faucet on. When your creativity is flowing you are more easily able to create the life you have always imagined.

You have always been this vast pool of creative energy,  you’ve simply forgotten how to access it. This course will serve as a pathway of connection, of remembering just who you are. And more importantly…

Have you ever felt an invisible force blocking you from reaching your full creative potential and living the life of your most fulfilling dreams?

Do you find it hard to release yourself from creative blocks, anxiety and stress, as if your life is stuck in repetitive patterns of “not enough”? Not enough time, not enough energy; a stark feeling of lack.

And do you find it difficult to truly connect to people on a deeper level?

Well, you are not alone. And today you have taken the first step in reaching your true creative potential. 


And you are in luck, because this is more than just a class, my friends.


A way of thinking and being and FEELING. This is a sacred place created for you to connect, remember and explore your untapped creative spirit.

You deserve to recognize your soul’s potential to create.


You were brought here today, because YOU ARE READY. You’ve been searching for more meaning, joy, light. You’ve had a sense of connection to something greater WITHIN YOU, And now this path has appeared to show you how to release your blocks, heal your trauma and finally step into the CREATIVE FORCE that you are. To allow your Creative Spirit to flow free and strong like it was meant to.

No more excuses.

This class is a gift. It is a promise that if you do the work; if you are open and willing to receive, and push outside your comfort zone, you will find your breakthroughs. 

So what is “the work”?

It’s a commitment to a minimum 20 minutes DAILY during our 8 week experience as you follow the course work.

For 8 weeks, you will embark on a journey. Each week you will be given lessons in the form of audio recordings and videos that will include visualizations, mindful techniques and powerful tools to release, heal and connect to the very essence of who are AT THE CORE. At the end of each week, there will also be a live group class to allow you further inspiration, instruction and connection with all of your classmates. I’ve seen very deep and lasting friendships form from connecting in these classroom environments.  

There is also a member’s only forum where you can post your stories and breakthroughs as well as ask any questions you may have along the way.


  • Connect to your authentic creative essence, any time, anywhere, learn how to effortlessly create and express your unique voice.


  • Silence your inner critic, step out of your fear and into the flow where all ideas are born.


  • Be an infinite source of creativity and inspiration for yourself and others, the idea person. Tap into your superpower of creating intuitively.


  • Break through creative and emotional blocks, skyrocket into an awakened mind and power through tasks like never before.


  • Be able to express yourself fully and ultimately, without ever holding back. Find your voice, your creative niche and claim your creative birthright.


Releasing your energetic story of not enough.

Many of us deeply believe from years of programing that there is never enough to go around.  Not enough time, energy, resources…and a limit to the amount of creative flow we can experience.  This is simply not true. This week you will learn how to shatter these false beliefs and start magnifying your creative essence to start creating your best life ever. 

Going deeper. Take another step on your creative journey within.

This week we will be working to heal the trauma and emotional pain influencing our lives. We will examine the emotions that keep us feeling stuck and prevent us from reaching our true potential. We will be clearing your emotional history, cutting attachments that no longer serve you, and removing your blocks, then finding and connecting to your child like essence.

Creating Space. Step into the flow.

This week we are going to step further into our journey, by opening up to new possibilities. We will obliterate any crippling fears of pleasing people or thinking too much and really tapping into all the creative powers that already exist within you. We will began to open up as life begins to flow with joy and ease.

Find your muse. Connect to the very core of you.

Your creativity is simply the whisper of your highest and most authentic self. That means the more you flow with your creativity, the more you will live in alignment with your highest self. This creates such wonder and joy and purpose in your life. This week we take another step on your journey and truly connect to the core of who you are.

Recreating your inner world. Finding your authentic voice.

This week we will be tapping into our creative intuition. Discovering more about what makes our individual voices so unique. We will empower your creativity by exploring those deep yearnings of our souls, and discovering what we deserve to bring attention to in our lives.

Connect to your outer world. Healing how you show up in the world for yourself and others.

This week we are going to open up to all the possibilities that exist for us. We are going to connect to nature and the world around around us and learn how to draw inspiration from even the smallest, simplest things in our lives. And how by shifting our perspectives we create an abundance of ease and love in our lives.

Dream on. Tapping into the power of your dreams and creative visualizations.

This week we are going to learn how to use our dreams as a springboard to propel you even further forward. We will be tapping into the universal flow of where creative ideas are born and how to access this realm whenever you desire.

Celebration Day. Pulling it all together.

In our final week of class we will be cementing all the many tools and processes you have developed, giving you a clearer understanding as to how you can implement them daily into your lives. We will be celebrating just how far you’ve come in 8 short weeks.


No. There are no required modalities or skills to take this class. You won’t be expected to compose music, create a painting, or write a play, those are all artistic endeavors that are separate from unearthing your creative genius.  

However, by opening to your creative force within, you may be inspired to create any number of projects.


No. We will not be discussing religion of any kind in this class. We encourage people from all religious or non-religious backgrounds to take this class.

We will however, be discussing your spirituality outside of religion.


1. Block out time in your calendar just for you. Understand that you’re going to be engaged in deep processes and look over your schedule for the next 8 weeks to see if there is anything you can take off your “to do” list in order to make room for your emotional transformation.

2. Find a photo of yourself at age 6 or younger. Select one that reflects your sweetness, innocence, and vulnerability. We will be using this photo throughout our 8 week class.

3. Choose a new journal to use in this class. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a notebook, but dedicate this journal to use solely for this course work.

4. Choose a place in your house where you will be able to have complete privacy. You will be able to access all course work on any computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Make this place your mini retreat/oasis for the next 8 weeks. Your sacred place. Please include things like a comfortable place to sit, soft pillows and blankets, and water. You can also include a candle, and any rocks or crystals you might have an affinity for. 

Welcome to Awaken Within. My Name is, Michelle Coleman, and I am thrilled to have you here. Because you’ve made the first step to follow your path and heal yourself,  it’s only fair for me to take mine — to help you start a new journey, no matter where you are in life.

I have been a freelance creative for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of creating products for many manufacturers and retailers like Michaels, Walmart & Target as well as craft manufacturers like American Craft, Crate Paper, DCWV, Photoplay Paper, Simple Stories and many more. Often, I am asked where all my creative inspiration comes from.  I can see in the askers eyes, that they have been searching for something to assist them in relieving a creative slump.

For the first ten years of my creative career, I would ride the roller coaster of creative ideas. Sometimes they would be hot and flowing and unstoppable. Other times, it felt very much like trying to squeeze water from a rock. No matter how hard I would squeeze, many times it would be to no avail. My creative process was very unpredictable and often times frustrating.

When I discovered mindful creating over ten years ago, I learned and perfected a series of tools and processes that turned my creativity into a faucet. Whenever my desire to create was there, I would simply turn on the faucet, connect to my creativity and the powerful flow of ideas and inspirations simply kept flowing.

I am so excited to bring you these techniques and tools. I know that you will be amazed and blessed in all areas of your life by following this coursework. Incorporating these techniques into my own life has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself.

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“This class has given me a new outlook on life.
I am free to simply be me. I cannot thank you enough.”
~Pamela S  Salt Lake City, UT


We're thrilled!

“My Husband and I took this class together as a way to think out side the box in our new business. What happened has surpassed our greatest expectations, our business is thriving and our relationship together is stronger and better than ever before. Thank you.”

~ Sarah and John Sandy, UT